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Why don't you post you and Brian on your dirtyminds?

Asked by Anonymous

I deleted it, haven’t posted anything there in over a year. 

You sir are very attractive ; the pictures of you vapeing umph!

Asked by sonofeve

Thank you very much! ^_^

My pendant came in the mail today. Chad Piece did a great job on this bassnectar waffle, #1 of its kind.

Wish I was at Folsom running around naked and getting tied up. Have to go next year.

Morning vape

Ballin out.

Post workout vanity selfie.

I’m curious, how long does a G of wax last you?

Got a haircut from my man!

Love you photos! What lenses do you use on your 5D MII?

Asked by stellacarota

Thank you so much!
I shoot all prime lenses. 

Sigma 50mm 1.4
Sigma 28mm 2.8
Sigma 15mm 2.8 fisheye
Canon 100 2.0
Lensbaby Spark

Sketch Board on Flickr.

Doug on Flickr.

Royal Oak Tattoo on Flickr.

untitled on Flickr.

Morgan on Flickr.