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My boyfriend is new to tumblr you guys should follow him. brigrff

Time for Easter brunch

Are you still with Brian?

Asked by Anonymous

Yes I am.

g a m e s on Flickr.

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T’was the night before 4/20


When all through the house,
everyone was smoking, even the mouse.
Munchies waited by their loaded bowls with care,
In hopes that 4/20 soon would be there.

All the stoners lay passed out in their beds,
while visions of bong rips danced in their heads.

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Happy 420

Reblog if you smoked at 4:20am on 4/20/14

Tie Dye Dunks
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420 PROMO!


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be following me

and i’ll promote everyone
someway or another.

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Support your local weed dealer.
(Text I woke up to the other day.)

Random fact about me. In 8th grade I wrote a paper about how MLK Jr had affected my life and I ended up winning a competition and going to Washington DC for the groundbreaking of the MLKJr monument. I think about it every time I see this shirt which I got for going.